Edition encased in Apple Skin


Apple Skin, a bio-based and vegan material, has its origins in the heart of the orchards of Bolzano in the north of Italy. Dried and reduced to powder form, it is mixed with PU, an environmentally responsible material that limits its impact on the environment, and then coated on a cotton canvas base. This special edition is meticulously encased by hand in France. Custom-cut and finely adjusted, the Apple Skin is pieced together using the finest leather craftsmanship.

Please note: the Apple Skin case is compatible with the new refills available on this website.
The Apple Skin case (new bio-based case) can be seen in photos 1 and 2. The context shots (photos 3, 4 and 5) are for information only, as they feature the old packaging (which is non bio-based and no longer on sale).

References 012 RED BRAZILINE and 020 BROWN HANAHASU are victims of their own success! Your order will be shipped from May 31st, 2021.

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An innovative, refillable, bio-based case

Our transparent, bio-based, eco-friendly lipstick case is refillable: once your case is empty, you can refill it with whichever shade you like thanks to our interchangeable refills.

A lipstick that is as good for you as it is for the planet.

Beauty that is ever more transparent, ethical and attentive to environmental issues.

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The CLEAN BEAUTY label certifies that our formulations are free from controversial ingredients and allergens.

Similarly, we do not use synthetic fragrances or alcohol in our formulations. The CLEAN BEAUTY label therefore recommends our makeup products for pregnant women.

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100% of the ingredients contained in our formulas are of natural origin*, with an emphasis on Organic Farming.

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