Haute couture
Vegetal encounter

The collaboration

We made a Haute Couture vegetal encounter. It was a big bang of colours coming out from cosmic inspirations. An abundance of flora and fauna that came to life at the rhythm of models steps.

For this new season of Paris Fashion Week 2023, we had the privilege of accompanying the Indian designer Rahul Mishra, through our unique dying plant makeup signature. Combining our common expertise for a show inspired by the confines of the universe and the living.

The makeup look of the show

Lips subtly enhanced with a bewitching nude pink, combining 033 NUDE NEÏTSABES lipstick and 210 NEFERTITI cheek & lips. A glass skin effect for an opalescent, natural and glowy complexion, with multi-purpose oil 600 PASIPHAÉ, applied as a light touch on the top of cheekbones, eyelids and lips. Intensified eyes with the iconic black mascara 410 CASSIOPÉE.

Back to the show

The Indian designer Rahul Mishra received his guests in one of the luxurious lounges of the Westin Hotel Castiglione – Paris. Reaching the Parisian fasion week since 2014, he presented his new collection, marking a new stage for his house.

Actress Kelly Rutherford, world famous for her role in the series Melrose Place, and Ashley Park aka Mindy Chen by the media in “Emily in Paris”, both attended the event


Recognized as a key player in the circular and social economy fashion industry, the Indian designer collaborates with more than 1,000 Indian artisans whose impressive hand-embroidered fabrics and gold crowns can be admired.

Maximalism is the signature of the haute couture house, which signs voluptuous pieces inspired by nature: minidresses embroidered with golden elements creating a structured silhouette of a reminiscent phoenix about to take flight, semi-transparent embroidered jumpsuits, exaggerated warrior shoulder pads forming a plumage, dresses composed of golden leaf overlays and turquoise blue looks whose ripples reminded of wave moves.

Rencontre végétale haute couture
Rencontre végétale haute couture