Pure formulations.

free of petroleum,
mica or titanium dioxide

Everything you put on your skin should be edible. We used this adage as the basis for drawing up our restrictive list of synthetic, non-renewable, unethical, allergenic ingredients that we would substitute with as many safe, botanical active ingredients from fully-traceable sources as possible. Thus all our formulas are, among other things, completely free of petroleum, mica or titanium dioxide.


95% of colourants used in conventional makeup are obtained using synthetic pigments – CI – derived from petroleum.

A more ethical approach set us along the path towards new organic sources and led to us developing our own expertise in the field of plant-based colourants.

Une formulation épurée
Une formulation épurée


Mica is used in almost all makeup to add shimmer. Wether in conventional but also organic certified formulation.

On top of being a non-renewable resource, we also condemn the darker side of the way it is sourced, which includes child labour. You won’t find it in any of our products.


We go even further than industry norms by instructing our R&D department to work on formulations that are free from titanium dioxide.

This ingredient, used for adding opacity, has been classed as potentially carcinogenic, but is still authorised for use in cosmetics, even though it has been banned from use in the food industry since 2020.

We have chosen to banish it now so you can be sure that our products are 100% safe.

Une formulation épurée
Une formulation épurée


International certifications such as ECOCERT ensure that our values align with the strictest international regulations.

From sourcing our ingredients to packaging and recycling, every stage of our manufacturing process is audited annually. It’s our way of guaranteeing our relationship is built on total transparency and trust.