In a world first, LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS has taken the revolutionary step of using colour that is 100% plant-based. 


95% of the colour used in cosmetics is obtained through the chemical synthesis of petroleum, and recent natural alternatives remain ethically controversial due to the way they are mined.

In a world first, LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS has taken the revolutionary step of finding a sustainable solution that respects biodiversity and the health of all women: plant-based colour. Cover your skin in flowers and let them unleash their exceptional biological powers.

vegetal cosmetics color vegan organic


It took three years of research to create our unique, patented process for extracting and infusing the colouring and biological properties of plants for cosmetic use.

Dyer’s madder, achiote, sorghum bicolor, indigo, Damask rose and hibiscus all inspired us to unleash their pigments and unique biological qualities. Our plants are sourced in their native countries to preserve their natural habits and keep the ancestral secrets to their cultivation alive.

vegan leather apple skin cosmetics


We are certified vegan by the international organization PETA and we guarantee that all our products are free from animal products and animal testing.

This means that none of our alternative pigments contain any animal-derived colourants like cochineal. We use innovative alternatives such as rice bran wax to replace beeswax, or apple skin instead of leather.

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