coffret cadeau luxe maquillage naturel et francais

Mirabilis Box Set

Coffret maquillage végan et bio sur mesure, cadeau


A look, a style or the subtle art of being effortlessly chic and refined. This exquisite Numbered Limited Edition box from the Maison Le Rouge Français reveals the secret to the famous French ”Je ne sais quoi”.

Our unique Makeup X Skincare expertise is the perfect balance between tradition, know-how and innovation. An approach to beauty where nothing is left to chance and even the smallest detail is important and makes the difference: your difference.

Rouge à Lèvres
Sélectionnez votre teinte
Sélectionnez votre teinte
Crayon Noir Calistoga
Huile à Lèvres Pasiphaé
huile levres bio vegan
1 × Pasiphaé


    The French Elegance Box Set

    Each of these little treasures promises to enhance your innate beauty by making these colours derived from plant-based pigments your own, and to protect you with highly concentrated and certified organic natural ingredients.

    Excellence, sensory pleasure, sophistication: introducing French Elegance by Le Rouge Français.

    The box set includes:

    • 2 lipsticks: 010 Le Rouge Français, 033 Neïtsabes
    • 2 lipstick refills: 011 Alizarine, 034 Astera
    • 1 lip balm: 050 Nordgrön
    • 2 cheek & lips: 210BG Blush Nefertiti, 230BG Blush Zénobie
    • 1 lip oil: 600 Pasiphaé
    • 2 mascaras: 410 Le Noir Cassiopée, 420 Le Bleu Bérénice

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