How are your lipsticks tested?

All the regulatory safety and toxicology tests are carried out in accordance with the regulations of each country in which we sell our products. In Europe, this means using in vitro testing, as animal testing is illegal. Being acutely attuned and commited to the animal cause, we refuse to operate in countries that may require animal tests to be carried out. We are also certified COSMOS ORGANIC by ECOCERT, which entails regular in-depth audits of our company, looking at environmental, health and traceability criteria.

Where are your products made?

We develop Le Rouge Français products ourselves in our R&D laboratory in Marseille and they are made in Normandy at an Ecocert-certified manufacturing and packaging site.

What is COSMOS certification?

COSMOS is the European standard for natural and organic cosmetics.
The COSMOS standard specifications verify the composition of ingredients and end products, the type of packaging, the manufacturing process, the packing process, storage, document management and communications.
Our products (with the exception of Le Rouge Alizarine) are all certified COSMOS Organic by Ecocert Greenlife, in accordance with this standard.
You can find more information here

Where are your cosmetics ingredients sourced?

Our ingredients are sourced locally and, as far as possible, from organic farming, such as madder from Charente-Maritime in south-west France and indigo from Provence. We also source some plants from their native countries to protect biodiversity and ancient cultures.


VEGAN? What and Why?

A vegan person: someone who, as far as possible, excludes all products of animal origin from their diet and adopts a lifestyle that respects animal welfare (clothing, cosmetics, leisure activities, etc.,).

A vegan product: a product free from any substance of animal origin, any technical agents of animal origin, and that has not been tested on animals in any way. Manufacturing an explicitly vegan product requires an effort to exclude, as far as possible, any form of participation in the animal trade, from formulation to packaging. The term “animal origin” is defined as substances derived from farming, slaughter, hunting and fishing.

According to a United Nations report, a global shift towards a vegan diet is vital to save the world from hunger, fuel poverty and the worst impacts of climate change. Assessing the Environmental Impacts of Consumption and Production – Priority Products and Materials – p82

Choosing veganism means choosing to limit your daily footprint by making ethical consumer choices that respect all living things and the sustainability of their habitats.

“Animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.” PETA

Do Le Rouge Français products contain titanium dioxide?

The use of titanium dioxide as a micro-particle (particles that are bigger than nano-particles) in cosmetics is still allowed, but has been banned from use in the food industry since 1 January 2020 (*). We have chosen to remove titanium dioxide from our lipsticks, as on average a woman ingests 4 kg of lipstick in her lifetime.

What is a tinctorial plant?

When all or part of a plant is used to create pigments, it is known as a tinctorial plant. These plants also have incredible biological properties.
The colours for our products are obtained by mixing several plant-based pigments using extracts from tinctorial plants or the Totum.

What is a plant Totum?

The Totum (in Latin) is the whole of the part of the plant or fruit that has the highest concentration of active ingredients, whether it be the stone, the flesh, the leaves, the root or the bark.

In other words, using the synergy of all the substances contained naturally in that part of the plant limits any side effects.

This means that Le Rouge Français prioritizes pure ingredients that are as unprocessed as possible.

Are the materials used in your packaging environmentally responsible?

The materials used in our lipstick cases are 100% recyclable. Once you have finished your product, you can contact us and we will send you an envelope so that you can return the case to us. We will then take care of sending the materials to the relevant recycling centre.
In addition, the Maison Le Rouge Français has decided to invest in offering its customers a world-first innovation: a transparent, bio-based lipstick case derived from plants.

Are your products tested on animals?

The European regulations are very strict: animal testing of both cosmetic products and ingredients is illegal.

Do Le Rouge Français products contain micas?

Micas help boost mineral pigments to add colour to cosmetics. The conditions under which they are excavated are ethically controversial and are difficult to monitor (e.g. unethical work practices).

That is why Le Rouge Français has taken the decision to exclude micas from its formulations.

What does bio-based mean?

A bio-based material is a material that is made from a biomass of plant or animal origin. Your lipstick case is a world-first innovation: the transparent, bio-based case is made from vegetable oil.

What is potassium alum used for?

Some of our products contain potassium alum combined with plant-based pigments to set the colour. It is therefore never used on its own in our formulas. The Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) conducted a study in 2020 on the safety of using aluminium in cosmetics. It concluded that this ingredient does not cause any adverse toxicological effects and attests to its safety.
We are also certified COSMOS Organic Greenlife by the international body ECOCERT. All our packaging and formulations adhere to a very restrictive list in terms of environmental, health and traceability criteria.

Are natural and/or organic products as effective as conventional products?

At Le Rouge Français, we create products that respect both your health and the environment while maintaining a proven efficacy in the three key areas of colour, staying power and texture.
We put every effort into maintaining a high level of quality in three aspects of our patented formulas, which are verified according to the most exacting standards such as COSMOS Organic. Our products are also Clean Beauty formulas.
Our products are just as effective as conventional products. The synergy of our ingredients provides different biological properties in addition to their main function in the formula.


Can pregnant women use Le Rouge Français products?

Our products’ certification guarantees their safety first and foremost. We are also very careful about ensuring our formulas are clean and we do not use any raw materials that may pose a risk to the health of our consumers.


How do I choose a lipstick colour on the online store?

You can try all our shades using our exclusive Instagram filter in augmented reality.

To choose your shade, first you need to choose which colour family you like best: Reds, Browns, Pinks or Nudes.
Then ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it more for “going out” or “everyday wear”?
  • A polished finish or a more effortless style with a just-bitten look?
  • Do you want your usual look or something to match a specific outfit?

Choosing a lipstick is similar to choosing a perfume: you are not just choosing a colour, you are choosing a source of inspiration that instantly wins you over.

[Le Rouge Français is launching My Lips Artist. By activating the virtual reality feature on our official website in just a few clicks, you can look through all our products and apply them virtually! You can then choose the best shade to enhance your lips.]

Do you send out samples?

For economical and, above all, environmental reasons, we do not send out samples.
However, you can try our shades using augmented reality on our website or in stores that sell our products.

Are the shades shown on the site identical to the shades of the lipsticks?

Rather than using mineral or synthetic pigments, we obtain the colour for our lipsticks using plant-based pigments.

The specific colour properties of the shade means that it adapts to the natural tone and pH level of your lips. To create a look that is as unique as you are!


Do your lipsticks have a fragrance?

Our commitment to the complete purity and safety of our formulations led us to create makeup free from any fragrance, essential oils or any other potential allergens.
This means that our lipsticks have an entirely neutral odour, with just the faintly earthy fragrance that comes from the plant-based pigments we use.

Why do your lipsticks have a slightly grainy feel?

Rather than using mineral or synthetic pigments, we obtain the colour for our lipsticks using plant-based pigments. These natural substances have to be reduced to a very fine powder to be used to colour our products.
The appearance or feeling of tiny particles
in your lipstick does not in any way affect the quality. Thanks to their mildly exfoliating properties, your lips will be smoother, for improved colour payoff.

Are your lipsticks long-wearing?

We don’t compromise on staying power! They stay on for the same amount of time as a satin-finish lipstick from a high-end brand – around 3 or 4 hours. Our products are used by the most exacting makeup artists for their photo and video shoots.


What is the best way to apply lipstick?

The best way to apply lipstick is to pick up colour from the bullet with a brush before applying to your lips. If you don’t have a brush, you can apply the lipstick straight to your lips, but be careful not to wind it up too far out of the tube, as it might break.
Depending on the intensity of colour you want to achieve, you can apply it in several layers.

Are your products refillable?

Our lipsticks are refillable. They come with a transparent, bio-based case that you can keep for life and a refillable cartridge containing the lipstick bullet.
Once you have finished your lipstick, you can buy a new cartridge in the same colour, or a new shade if you feel like a change.

How do I put in the new refill?

It couldn’t be easier! Open your transparent case, pull on the old cartridge to release it from the case, then take the new refill and insert it into the case. Once you hear a click, your refill has been properly inserted.

How can I get a perfect finish with my lipstick?

Each of our plant-based pigments has specific properties that can alter the finish of our lipsticks, from satin to slightly matte. This is one of the Maison’s hallmarks. If you want to achieve a higher-shine finish, use a balm or transparent gloss as a top coat.

How well do the lipsticks keep?

Although our products are made with natural ingredients, this does not affect their quality or shelf life. Our products are also anhydrous – water-free – so there are no risks from a microbiological point of view. Our makeup has a shelf life of at least 12 months once opened, which corresponds to the standard shelf life of other conventional products.


How can I contact the Rouge Français team?

You can contact us by email, on Instagram or via the contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Where can I find Le Rouge Français products?

You can find our products on our online store and in our distributors’ stores. You can also buy our products through Instagram and Facebook.

Why is the price of the lipsticks high?

Colours for conventional makeup come from synthetic pigments sourced from the petrochemical industry. In natural, clean or organic makeup, pigments are derived from ore, which is neither environmentally nor ethically sound.

In a world-first, the Maison Le Rouge Français is offering plant-based pigments sourced from tinctorial/dye plants (e.g. henna, indigo, madder, achiote, poppy) to ensure biodiversity and your health are respected. This technology is the result of in-depth research and the use of high quality certified organic raw materials.

Our transparent packaging is also an innovation: as well as being refillable, it is made from castor oil. It is hard-wearing and scratch-proof and will last a lifetime! Once you have bought the case, the refills are €25 each.

Why is the price of your lipsticks higher than some high-end brands?

Aside from the prestige of these major brands, they obtain their colours conventionally, using synthetic pigments sourced from petrochemicals.

Le Rouge Français is aligning itself with a new more virtuous version of luxury, by working with pigments obtained from dye plants (e.g. henna, indigo, madder, achiote, poppy) to ensure biodiversity and your health are respected. This is our hallmark.

In addition, our transparent packaging is a true world-first innovation: as well as being refillable, it is made from castor oil. Unbreakable, scratch-proof – it will last you a lifetime! Once you have bought the case, the refills are €25 each.

Why is the price of the balm high?

The NORDGRÖN balm is a revolutionary, patented serum. For the first time in lip care, it offers the clinically proven benefits of hyaluronic acid, probiotics and hemp to nourish, protect and repair the lips’ particularly delicate skin barrier.

Probiotics, which are more usually found in digestion or feminine hygiene products, rebalance the natural microbial flora for an optimum level of protection. And, at a time when wearing masks confines the lips to an unusually moist environment, bacterial or viral infections such as cold sores may proliferate.

This 100% natural lip balm also helps to delay skin ageing thanks to the firming and film-forming power of hyaluronic acid, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth and makes them visibly softer.

Finally, hemp from the Cannabis sativa plant instantly soothes cracked, chapped lips thanks to its calming properties.

This biotechnological gem is combined with other certified organic ingredients, with hydrating and repairing butters, oils and waxes.

Available in a bio-based case for €45 and then €25 for the refill.

Why wear lipstick when it is recommended to wear a mask?

We understand your reservations. At Le Rouge Français, we advocate for lipstick as a way of life, a look, an attitude, with the sort of reassuring and confidence-boosting powers that we all could do with right now! And aside from providing colour, the top hydrating, anti-oxidant and protecting biological properties of our ingredients provides actual lip care, mitigating the drying effects of wearing a mask.

So even if they are not being seen quite as much, you can still take the opportunity to care for your lips and treat yourself to your favourite colour whether you’re staying in or going out. With proper hydration and a spot of powder to set your lipstick, you’ll have a great, long-lasting finish.

Why does the lipstick bullet seem so dry?

We do not use any synthetic or controversial ingredients. That means no silicon or titanium dioxide, which are the coverage agents that provide that creamy, glide-on consistency.

The application method for our lipsticks is therefore different, but the result is the same. When applying, warm the bullet up by running it over your lips a few times ; once you have applied the first coat of protective wax, the rich pigments contained in the butters and oils will be released.

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Our Bestsellers

  • Lip oil


    Huile à lèvres végan, bio, aux probiotiques, adoucissante, protectrice
  • Lipsticks

    Le Rouge Français

    Coloration végétale, soin réparateur
  • Mascaras

    Le Noir Cassiopée

    Mascara noir végan, bio, gainant pour yeux sensibles
  • Lash and brow care


    Soin pour cils et sourcils végan, bio, concentré en huiles végétales

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