base et top coat SEBDENIA naturel vegan
base et top coat SEBDENIA naturel vegan

Sebdenia Nail

Vernis à ongles transparent longue tenue, brillant, végan


Like an expanse of diamonds sparkling on the surface of crystal-clear waters that remain almost untouched by the nearby sand.

  • NAIL PROTECTION: Nail plate protecting shelter from yellowing and stains
  • PROLONGED WEAR: 97,2% intact manicure after 6 days*
  • 73% NATURAL ORIGIN: Ingredients stemming from the vegetal biomass**
  • 12-FREE

*User test: 30 users for one week
**Sugarcane, cassava, cotton and corn

Capacity: 0,35 fl. Oz.


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    This product is certified: Made in France . Vegan

    The benefits

    This transparent polish is inspired by the exceptional benefits of oceans and seas. When used as a base coat, the formula acts like a shield for your nails that also provides hydration and nourishment. When used as a top coat, it helps your polish last longer and makes it easier to remove.



    100% recyclable materials

    As a brand certified by the international ECOCERT label, all our materials must be 100% recyclable or biodegradable. Our cases and bottles are made from biosourced plant-based materials and glass. Lipstick cartridges are made of aluminum. Other accessories are made of polyethylene or metal. Packaging cases are made from FSC-certified wood sourced from eco-managed French forests.



    *excluding alizarine and Galatée précieuse range

    81% biosourced. Red Algae.
    Exceptional hold and finish.

    vegan, no titanium dioxyde

    The promise of

    What is vegetal colour ?

    Le Rouge Français stands out as a global pioneer in the use of plant pigments to color its makeup products. We draw from a rich library of hundreds of dye plants, selected for their unique coloring qualities and biological benefits. Such as madder, sorghum, indigo, Corsican chestnut, and Damask rose.

    These plants are harvested in their endemic environment, in order to preserve the biodiversity and local economy of the regions where they are cultivated.

    Why do other brands use petrochemical colour ?

    99% of the industry extensively uses synthetic colours derived from petrochemistry – petroleum derivatives – or at best from minerals, which are non-renewable resources. They are very economical, easy to manufacture and reproduce. If we use plant pigments, it is to guarantee absolute harmlessness, to protect your skin and your health.

    Why Titanium dioxyde can relate to an issue ?

    Titanium dioxide, or TiO2, is still permitted as a cosmetic ingredient in its micro-particle form – with particle size larger than nano-particles. Titanium dioxide has been banned from the food industry since January 1st, 2020, due to a proven carcinogenic risk. Considering that a woman ingests an average of 4 kg of lipstick in her lifetime, we have chosen to remove it from all our formulas to guarantee you absolute safety.

    Why is ECOCERT Organic certification so valuable ?

    The ECOCERT certification is currently the most challenging international cosmetic certification, going well beyond the blacklists established directly by brands or distributors. It controls the perfect traceability of products and restricts the use of numerous ingredients harmful to your health or the environment.
    It guarantees that the manufacturer’s formulas are natural or organic and that the eco-packaging is completely recyclable. The ECOCERT certification is renewed every year following an internal audit.

    What are the benefits of your products?

    All our products are formulated with oils, butters, waxes, and other ingredients from organic farming, containing natural actives. They help to hydrate and protect your skin daily. We also incorporate other natural active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, which restores volume and tone, as well as probiotics that maintain skin balance

    Are the nail polishes natural and do they last?

    Our nail polishes are rated 12-FREE, formulated with a bio-sourced base of over 81%, consisting notably of potato and cassava starch. The coloring of thepolishes i s completed with natural red algae pigments. The durability and pigmentation are excellent, on par with conventional products.

    To best protect your nail polish, we recommend applying our varnish as a top coat and base coat, which provide hydration and nourishment. Used as a top coat, it will strengthen the hold of your nail polish, while making it easier to remove.

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