230RTG Blush Zénobie


The colour:

A Hesperidian coral paying homage to the mythical golden apples.



The essence

Solar . Rebellious . Exotic

The pigment

The roots of MADDER – Rubia tinctorum – have been used throughout the Mediterranean Basin since the second millennium BCE for their strong tinctorial powers and their incredible medicinal properties.

These pigments are an ancestral beauty ritual used by Queens and Empresses through the ages to paint their cheeks and lips with infinite variations of red.

A virtuous formula

  • Shea butter: repairing and nourishing**.
  • Coconut, jojoba, apricot and castor oil: conditioning** and antioxidant.
  • Plant-based rice bran and carnauba wax: softening and protecting**.

**outer layers of the skin.

A unique finish

A soft, creamy texture that enhances the natural shade of your skin and lips. This two-in-one product with buildable coverage can be applied on the go with fingers or using a kabuki brush for a more polished look.

An innovative, refillable, bio-based case

Our transparent, bio-based, eco-friendly lipstick case is refillable: once your case is empty, you can refill it with whichever shade you like thanks to our interchangeable refills.

A lipstick that is as good for you as it is for the planet.

Beauty that is ever more transparent, ethical and attentive to environmental issues.

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The Clean Beauty label

The CLEAN BEAUTY label certifies that our formulations are free from controversial ingredients and allergens.

Similarly, we do not use synthetic fragrances or alcohol in our formulations. The CLEAN BEAUTY label therefore recommends our makeup products for pregnant women.

Our certifications

100% of the ingredients contained in our formulas are of natural origin*, with an emphasis on Organic Farming.

*With the exception of Le Rouge Alizarine
(95% of ingredients are of natural origin)

Our products are verified and certified by ECOCERT according to strict environmental standards.

 - With the exception of Le Rouge Alizarine -

PETA has certified our company free from animal products and animal testing.

Our cosmetics are made in France, in Normandy, according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards.

Additional information

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